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We have been in business for fifty years and in that time we have taken millions of photographs across North America.   All of these photographs have been kept in our photo archives.

Why would you want a "Look-up" performed? 
If you lived at a certain location, say 20 years ago, and you had fond memories of it, chances are we have that location photographed at that particular time. Isn't that amazing? Or you could create a vintage collage (two or more photographs in a frame) showcasing the history of your property.

Please fill out the information on our online "Look-up" Form (below) or download the form by clicking on the following link and we'll let you know if we have your special photograph in our archives.


(After you fill out the .pdf form, please fax to 519 453 3666 or mail to: AFS Aerial Photography Inc.)

** Important note:  You will not be able to immediately view your requested aerial picture on this website.   Your request is sent into AFS and we will manually look for your picture in our photo library and let you know the results via email or through printed proofs.**

PRICE:  The cost is $50* to perform a search of your property. The $50* acts as credit that may be applied toward any AFS final product.

Payment Method:
You may send a cheque in the amount of $50 to:
AFS Aerial Photography Inc.
2100 Crumlin Sideroad
London, Ontario
Canada N5V 3Z9

Make all cheques payable to: AFS Aerial Photography Inc.

Or you may also call us Toll-free at 1-888-415-2462 and use your credit card (VISA, Mastercard or AMEX) to pay for the search of our archives.  
Our office hours are Monday to Friday; 8:30am to 4:30pm EST.

(*In the case we do not find earlier photos of your property the $50 deposit is non-refundable. The $50 is used towards the time spent for our librarian to search the old rolls of film. )

Archive Search Example

In the example that follows we searched our archives for one location and found six different years of the same property!
In each photograph you will find the year in which the photo was taken...


"LOOK-UP" REQUEST FORM - Archive Search Information - **Please fill out contact information or the request will not be processed**

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